# GRAVITY's guide to the galaxy ![[GRAVITY-Documentation-Illustration.png]] # New to GRAVITY? Start here Welcome to the GRAVITY's Guide to the Galaxy! As we embark on this cosmic journey, allow us to be your trusted companion and resource in navigating the vast expanse of the GRAVITY universe. This comprehensive guide is your one-stop source for understanding and mastering the myriad features and functions of the GRAVITY platform. Devised by expert developers and enthusiasts alike, it is meticulously curated to illuminate the depths of GRAVITY's potential. - [[Admin Site overview]] - [[Send an Announcement - immediately]] - [[Help and Support]] # Best Practice - [[Which Callout type is the right one]] - [[Lessons from game design]] # How-To-Guides - [[GRAVITY Telemetry]] - [[GRAVITY Callout Statistics]] # IT-Professional Knowledge Base Start exploring the GRAVITY's Cybernetic Cosmos: - [[Browser Extension]] - [[Script Injection]] - [[Hosting & Maintenance Status]] Yearning for an extraterrestrial intel boost? Locate the 'Reference' constellation within the quick navigation cockpit to your left and beam up an array of additional cosmic insights!